Ryerson Invitational #1

On the weekend of Novemember 16th, the High Performance Badminton Team headed out to Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario to participate in a 5 school tournament. The participating schools included the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Ryerson University and McMaster University. This was the team’s first look at this year’s Marauders.

The competition started off with a round robin, then followed by single elimination knockout rounds. There was a total of 8 pools in each event and only the top entry in that pool made it out. All 5 disciplines were played in this tournament and the High Performance team from York University was well represented.

The day started off with Men’s singles and Women’s Singles, followed by Mixed Doubles. Men’s and Women’s Doubles event rounded out the day. The match list and full results can be found here.

Not to be outmatched by their opponents, the High Performance team dug in when faced off against their rivals. Their grit and determination propelled them to several surprise victories. The coaching staff is very proud of their efforts on and off the court showing support for their teammates.

Great job everyone!



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