SOTF in Waterloo

We’re back badminton fans!

Some of our players ventured out into Waterloo, Ontario on October 26th to participate in the Survival of the Fittest (SOTF) badminton tournament hosted by the Badminton Club at University of Waterloo.

Our players participated in the Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles events. After a long day of matches, sweat and hard work, they came away with much needed playing experience that will help them along in their badminton career. Some of their results are listed below.

Men’s Doubles:

Hamza Yousaf & Andrew Quach: B Flight Quarter Finals
Thai Le & Kevin Van: D Flight Semifinals

Women’s Doubles:

Verota Ma & Peggy Fan: B Flight Finalists
Chhiv Jing Yang & Julia You: A Flight Quaterfinals

Mixed Doubles:

Jason Mak & Peggy Fan: B Flight Finalists
Andrew Quach & Chhiv Jing Yang: B Flight Quarterfinals
Kevin Van & Verota Ma: B Flight Quaterfinals
Thai Le & Julia You: D Flight Winners


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