The start of a new season, the start of a new chapter

Hello Badminton Fans!!

Our season is already up and running. The team roster has been finalized. The coaching staff would like to thank everyone who came out for tryouts. It was very difficult to make cuts. The coaches had to think and debate really hard on which players to keep. In the end, here is the final roster.

Men’s Team

Jason L. Mak
Matthew Lai
Derek Hui
Gyan Singh
Hamza Yousaf
Billy Ho
Hoyan Wong
HoMing Li
Thai Le
Fernando Cheng
Nathan Cheng
Shi Han
Eric Yang
Adrian Saputra
Brian Ngo
Luan Nguyen
Andrew Quach
Marco Tieu
David Castro

Women’s Team
Alicia Geng
Ivy Phung
Jamie Paterson
Peggy Fan
Andrea Chin
Annie Luong
Michelle Ko
Verota Ma
Julia You
Vanny Teng
Chhiv Jing Yang
Yuqi Wang

Congrats to everyone who made the team.

There’s an upcoming tournament on October 20th!!! Its the TRY tournament (UofT – Ryerson – York)! Come out and support the team! Go Lions!

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