2013 Bujak Open

Members of the York University High Performance team headed out to Lee’s Mississauga for a weekend tournament hosted by the Bujak Badminton Club. This tournament had great competition, great food and a wonderful atmosphere. Games were intense and clubs in the GTA and surroundings were well represented. Participants ranged from Juniors to Seniors that used to dominate the Ontario Circuit just a few years ago.

The York HP Badminton players participated in 4 of 5 disciplines and some of the York coaches got in on the action as well. The York University High Performance Badminton Team thanks the Bujak Badminton Club members for hosting an amazing event and we look forward to future tournaments.



Men’s Singles:

Hamza Yousaf – C Finalist

Derek Hui – C Semi Finals

Thai Le – C Quarter Finals

Marco Tieu – D Quarter Finals

Luan Nguyen – D Quarter Finals

Andrew Quach – B Quarter Finals

Jason Mak – A Semis

Women’s Singles:

Andrea Chin – B Quarter Finals

Men’s Doubles:

Jason Mak/Ra Seang – A Semi Finals

Luan Nguyen/Marco Tieu – D Finalists

Hamza Yousaf/Kevin Van – B Semi Finals

Thai Le/Andrew Quach – D Champions

Billy Ho/Leo Lai – A Champions

Mixed Doubles:

Marco Tieu/Andrea Chin – B Round of 16

Great job everyone! More to come later this summer as the team will make more tournament appearances. Stay Tuned!


Full Draws:
Men’s Singles Bujak 2013
Women’s Singles Bujak 2013
Men’s Doubles Bujak 2013
Women’s Doubles Bujak 2013
Mixed Doubles Bujak 2013


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