The end of the 2013 Season at the OUA Badminton Championships

Another exciting season draws to a close at the conclusions of this year’s OUA Championships. Another year of growth for these players as students and leaders. Not only have these players grown as individuals but as people. This coaching staff understands that Sport isn’t just about winning, especially University sports. Its about developing Student-Athletes into the leaders of tomorrow. These students have not disappointed. Their successful play on the courts have translated to results in their academic careers.

The High Performance Badminton Team continues to work with the executive team of the York University Badminton Club (YUBC) to grow the sport in the York U community.

This team has made great strides in this year’s tournament. More teams made it out of the group stages and into the Round of 16. Competition grew heavier this year as Canadian Olympians Michelle Li, Alex Bruce and Grace Gao participated. The crowd was greeted with world class play and they responded with cheers and excitement. However, this would not deter the York University HP team. They were determined to show everyone how much they’d learned over the pass year. The coaching staff is very proud of everyone’s effort as they refused to give in to high level competition.



This year’s OUA Championships were a great success for the York University High Performance Badminton Team. Its players took great strides and upset seeded players on their way into the main draw. York also was one of the few universities with a full Men’s and Women’s team participating. Its great to see the passion and commitment to the sport from the York community. For the first time since the inception of the new Championship format, York University had 3 Men’s Doubles teams advance into the Round of 16 out of 28 pairs.

This is quite an accomplishment as first-time pairings Ho Ming Li/Hamza Yousaf and Fernando Cheng/Ho Yan Wong fought their way out of pool play to earn themselves a berth in the main draw. Fernando and Ho Yan had to go through a 5/8 seeded pair in their pool secure their 3rd win to take 1st place in the group. The win netted them a meeting with fellow teammates Matthew Lai/Jason Mak. The latter pair fell to the number 1 seeds Martian Giuffre/Ross Golding in the Quarter Finals.

Jason Mak continued his brilliance on the OUA circuit as his play drew ooo’s and ahhhs the whole weekend, including some laughter. Always a joy to watch and cheer for, Jason embarked on his 2nd OUA Championship journey in another quest for the podium. Last year’s OUA All-Start stared pool play in Men’s Singles with convincing wins over his opponents and advancing into the Round of 16 draw. He disposed of Mathew Marr of the University of Waterloo in straight sets, 21-19 21-16, to advance. In the Quarter Finals, Mak met Waterloo rookie and former Pan Am Junior Champion Nathan Leung. After 3 gruelling sets, Jason emerged victorious to set up a meeting with last year’s champion and member of Canada’s Sudirman Cup team, Martin Giuffre. Mak fought hard and through injury but ultimately lost the match 15-21 10-21. Jason finished 4th overall in the tournament losing the Bronze Medal match to 2011 and 2012 OCAA Men’s Doubles Champion Dayvon Reid of Ryerson University.

The coaching staff congratulates all players on their success and improvements on and off the courts this year and hope they will continue their hard work and successes.

Men’s Singles:

Matthew Lai vs Avery Lee                        20-22   20-22
Matthew Lai vs Dayvon Reid [3/4]          8-21   11-21

Finished 3rd in Group C. Did not advance.

Jason Mak [3/4] vs Jonathan Young          21-14   15-21   21-10
Jason Mak [3/ 4] vs Jason Lao                       21-11   21-17

Finished 1st in Group D. Advanced to:        Round of 16 vs Mathew Marr [5/8]
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo21-19   21-13

                                                                                Quarter Finals vs Nathan Leung [5/8]
oooooooooooooo ooooooo oooooooo oooooooo ooooo16-21   21-14   21-18

                                                                                        Semi Finals vs Martin Giuffre [1/1]
oooo ooooooo ooooooo ooooo ooo ooooo ooooo oooooo15-21   10-21

Bronze Medal Match vs Dayvon Reid [3/4]     20-22   14-21

4th Place overall in Men’s Singles

Jonathan Trieu vs Mario Umana               7-21   13-21
Jonathan  Trieu vs Nathan Lee [2/2]       5-21   9-21

Finished 3rd in Group B. Did not advance.

Ho Yan Wong vs Eric Blanchard                     21-17   21-6
Ho Yan Wong vs Pearce Herchenrader       18-21   14-21
Ho Yan Wong vs Victor Chan [5/8]               11-21   11-21

Finished 3rd in Group G. Did not advance.

Women’s Singles:

Andrea Chin vs Joanne Wong             8-21   9-21
Andrea Chin vs Michelle Li [1/1]       2-21   3-21

Finished 3rd in Group A. Did not advance.

Alicia Geng vs Chris Pinto                           11-21   8-21
Alicia Geng vs Surabhi Kadam [3/4]       2-21   4-21

Finished 3rd in Group D. Did not advance.

Annie Luong vs Christine Heung                14-21   8-21
Annie Luong vs Carrie Law [3/4]               9-21   12-21

Finished 3rd in Group C. Did not advance.

Mei Yuk Nghiem vs Christina Nguyen          16-21   9-21
Mei Yuk Nghiem vs Bethany So [2/2]            6-21   7-21

Finished 3rd in Group B. Did not advance.

Men’s Doubles:

Ho Ming Li/Hamza Yousaf vs Callum Lootsma/Theodore Yang      21-10   21-7
Ho Ming Li/Hamza Yousaf vs Wesley Marr/Nathan Lee [2/2]            7-21   11-21

Finished 2nd in Group B. Advanced to Round of 16 
                                                                  vs Neil Tai-Pow/Clayton Law [5/8]
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo13-21   9-21

Jason Mak/Matthew Lai vs Chris Farley/Phil Tungate                      21-16   21-14
Jason Mak/Matthw Lai vs Michael Diamond/Allen Chee [3/4]     19-21   21-12   17-21

Finished 2nd in Group C. Advanced to:
                                              Round of 16 vs Fernando Cheng/Ho Yan Wong
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo21-14   21-17

                                              Quarter Finals vs Ross Golding/Martin Giuffre [1/1]
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo16-21   17-21

Andrew Quach/Kevin Van vs Neil Tai-Pow/Clayton Law [5/8]          11-21   8-21
Andrew Quach/Kev in Vanvs Callan Field/Wilson Huynh                    18-21   13-21
Andrew Quach/Ke vin Vanvs Pearce Herchenrader/Xingnan Xu     19-21   15-21

Finished 4th in Group E. Did not advance.

Fernando Cheng/Ho Yan Wong vs Matthew Fabiilli/Xiaosen Qian             21-15   21-16
Fernando Cheng/Ho Ynjkong vs Jack Lan/Alex Fown [5/8]         20-22   21-16   21-16
Fernando Cheng/Ho Yan Wong vs Julian Coelho/Jack Shih                          21-16   21-14

Finished 1st in Group G. Advanced to:
                                                 Round of 16 vs Jason Mak/Matthew Lai
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo14-21   17-21

Women’s Doubles:

Andrea Chin/Michelle Climacosa vs Elena Ma/Maneesha Senarath              6-21   9-21
Andrea Chin/Michelle Climacosa vs Kori Frederick/Allison Pastewka        2-21   4-21
Andrea Chin/Michelle Climacosa vs Vivian Kwok/Fabienne Chan [5/8]     9-21   4-21

Finished 4th in Group E. Did not advance.

Peggy Fan/Alicia Geng vs Janet Kwan/Vanessa Cheng [5/8]    8-21   6-21
Peggy Fan/Alicia Geng vs Holly Kwok/Emily Wong                      14-21   9-21
Peggy Fan/Alicia Geng vs Celia Du/Christina Nguyen                  20-22   15-21

Finished 4th in Group F. Did not advance.

Lily Kao/Mei Yuk Nghiem vs Melissa Darling/Jocelyn Yao                           16-21   16-21
Lily Kao/Mei Yuk Nghiem vs Christina Giuffre/Margaret Cameron [5/8]    6-21   4-21
Lily Kao/Mei Yuk Nghiem vs Sandy Cho/Abby Wu                                   8-21   12-21

Finished 4th in Group G. Did not advance.

Peggy Lee/Jeannette Quach vs Heather Aitken/Chris Pinto             17-21   8-21
Peggy Lee/Jeannette Quach vs Leanne Kerford/Natalie Rook         19-21   8-21
Peggy Lee/Jeannette Quach vs Kate Lam/Jewel Ho [5/8]                  13-21   14-21

Finished 4th in Group H. Did not advance.

Mixed Doubles:

David Castro/Lily Kao vs Jonathan Young/Michelle Chow        12-21   12-21
David Castro/Lily Kao vs Dayvon Reid/Vivian Kwok [3/4]        9-21   10-21

Finished 3rd in Group C. Did not advance.

Ho Ming Li/Jeannette Quach vs Elliot Sterner/Leanne Kerford               16-21   14-21
Ho Ming Li/Jeannette Quach vs Wesley Marr/Surabhi Kadam [3/4]        9-21   11-21

Finished 3rd in Group D. Did not advance.

Fernando Cheng/Annie Luong vs Alex Fown/Abby Wu                    11-21   18-21
Fernando Cheng/Annie Luong vs Derek Chou/Dorothy Lui            11-21   21-16   21-18
Fernando Cheng/Annie Luong vs Cody Wong/Jody Chan [5/8]      9-21   6-21

Finished 4th in Group G. Did not advance.

Hamza Yousaf/Peggy Lee vs Raymond Cheng/Amanda Carruthers
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo18-21   22-20   15-21
Hamza Yousaf/Peggy Lee vs Jason Lao/Janice Law                         22-20   21-12
Hamza Yousaf/Peggy Lee vs Allen Chee/Janet Kwan [5/8]            15-21   22-20   9-21

Finished 3rd in Group H. Did not advance.


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