And we’re back!

Hello all!

For all who haven’t been informed, as of June 21st, 2011, Sport York of York University has decided to remove badminton as a varsity sport (  It is a sad event for all of us who feel so passionate about a very much under-rated and misunderstood sport within the Sport York community.

Badminton is a highly competitive sport and is recognized worldwide as an official sport within the Summer Olympics. In Canada, badminton is a growing sport, more specifically in Toronto, Michelle Li of University of Toronto is currently ranked second in Canada and 46th in the world. Number of other nationally and internationally ranked badminton players including Surabi Kadam, Martin Guiffre and Charles Pyne have all represented their respective university within the Ontario University Association. It is truly unfortunate to see York University no longer supporting a team.

Since June, we have then worked with the York University Badminton Club (, with advice from various university coaches, in hopes to sustain a team to represent York University at the OUA championships in March. We are currently running as the “High Performance Unit” under YUBC. It is currently led by a group of former varsity players, some of which are also certified coaches.

Although we do not represent York under a varsity status, we are dedicated to train and operate very much similar to the former York Badminton Varsity team. This includes, but not limited to, 2 week try-outs period, 4-day practice weeks, fitness and technical training as well as team bonding activities.

We have a large database of dedicated veteran players who are working together to support the new badminton team of 2011. We hope to have your continued support as well.
Feel free to email us with suggestions or any questions you may have.

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